About Us

Company Profile

Released in 2017, 2Go for Schools has revolutionised the landscape of student healthcare management, enrolment, excursion and activity planning, and compliance through our unique suite of powerful products.

Proudly based in Perth, Western Australia, our products empower schools to exercise their duty of care with confidence through a comprehensive workflow, a user-friendly interface, and a client-oriented approach to customer service.

We are passionate about delivering tangible impact in the education sector through improving communication between schools and their communities, placing control of student care information back in the hands of parents and guardians, and providing powerful, seamless, and compliant processes that allow schools to focus their energy on teaching and learning.

Company Values

The Consent2go operating model and philosophy is to provide a uniqueness and ability to understand the requirements of our clients. This is achieved through encouraging innovation whilst adopting a partnering spirit to ensure strong links between our staff and their customers.

We have built our reputation on quality, integrity, client service, innovation, and technical excellence. We understand that each school has its own unique way of operating, our commitment is to ensure that we meet the requirements of your school.

Our Values





Growth & Development

2Go is a purpose driven organisation, dedicated to delivering tangible improvements in school processes

  • Ensuring student information is accurate, easily updatable, and forms the foundation of school decision making.
  • Ensuring the administration of events, excursions, and activities is supported by an efficient and easy-to-use workflow for all schools.
  • Ensuring schools can navigate the complex environment of risk and compliance in an efficient, comprehensive, and simple manner.
  • Ensuring all schools are empowered to abide by best practice laws regarding archiving, record keeping, and document retention.