Enabling schools to create safe and compliant events and excursions

Where we can help

Events & Excursions

Event planning approval and parent communication in one easy to use system.


Practical and supportive compliance framework for the education sector, enabling staff to manage the complex compliance landscape irrespective of their experience level.


A structured workflow for extracurricular activities, allowing staff to manage communication, participants, logistics, and compliance.

Key Features

Parent Driven Information

Parents and Guardians play a critical role in ensuring their child’s care details and medical information is both accurate, and current. This ensures the school can be confident that the information is relevant, accessible and accurate.

Process Driven Planning

Staff are supported by Consent2Go’s compliance framework and workflow, this ensures they can safely plan and conduct their activity, regardless of their experience level. This includes a full risk assessment taking into account student risks, activity risks and event risks.